I am of the Papillion breed, descended from a long line of dogs bred to protect the Kings and Queens of France. Forget what you may have heard said about Toy Poodles, Miniature Terriers, Lhasa Apsos and Dachshunds. Posers, every one of them. And Dachshunds? Really? What's a Dachshund going to do about a piece of flying cake thrown by My Queen, Marie Antoinette, when she is really mad at Louis What'sHisNumber? Seriously, just look at my ears. I was made for listening and protecting my current Connecticut Queen Mum. I can hear a single leaf, tumbling in the backyard, 100 feet away, through a triple-glazed patio door and I will sound the alarm and bark incessantly for 20 minutes... until King WhatsHisName gets annoyed and me and insists that I stop barking. Pfft... what does he know? Anyway, after I have stopped barking at tumbling leaves or endlessly chasing squirrels (one day, I am sure, I will actually catch one) I do calm down and I like to chill with the family and I do kick in some time with testing of this CauseBOOK thing that KingWhatsHisName is working on.
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  • 01/01/2001
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  • Are you a responsible, common-sense American?
    I am, thanks for asking. It's a bit hard these days, but I am committed to Constitutional Principles so, as infuriating as the political landscape and some people can be right now, I'm good with not resorting to insults and nastiness.
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