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CauseBOOK is a fully Facebook-integrated Social Media platform, where you can access your news from trusted sources, listen to America's most respected Talk Show Hosts, watch Conservative TV web channels, participate in a variety of Groups and Forums and naturally connect with family, friends just as you do on Facebook. And that's the best part. You aren't giving up Facebook because CauseBOOK runs right alongside Facebook with complete, officially-approved integration to all of Facebook's "Share" functions. It's all here. Every Facebook feature and capability (Friends, Groups, News and more) is built-in to CauseBOOK and it connects seamlessly with your personal Facebook Profile Page when and if you choose to do that. Sure, we have our CauseBOOK rules... almost entirely built on the Golden Rule and an age-restriction. But the one thing we will will never do, is steer your sharing or "dead-spin" news or content. We are committed to common-sense and American Constitutional Principles and we are confident you know your way around the block by now. Onward...


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Well, that gets us started. More on our modest Rules and the legalities of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are in those dedicated Pages of CauseBOOK and in plainer, common-sense language on the CauseBOOK Forum.
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