CauseBOOK and the "Free Speech" Question

Ah, yes, "the" mother of all social media "integrity" questions. In politics, any discussion Social Security in the context of the National Budget is referred to the "third rail"... the high-voltage rail of a subway that you just don't touch. So, as a result, politicians obfuscate, "misinform" and otherwise pretend not to touch what is "sacred". Yeah, right. Clearly, as we have all seen over the past years, while America assumed that the "Big Tech" social media giants were all about kitty cats, doggies and "free speech" they were not. In the early days, they were winging it but it wasn't long before they decided to use it. "It" was the fame and the power... that place where the sins of both omission and commission are easy to commit. So, what about CauseBOOK?

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2022-06-15 08:28:42
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